Our Cases

Throughout the week of the 2025 competition, we challenge our participants with seven challenging business cases that touch upon various disciplines of the business world. We have 3 case formats detailed below:

Regular Case
Each year, we open our annual Case Writing Competition to reach out to top case writers worldwide, who submit unpublished business cases. Participants have a maximum of 3 hours to prepare the 20-30 page long case and will get access to the case only once their preparation time begins. After the presentation, teams will present their strategy in front of our judges panel which will be followed by an extensive Q&A.

Short Case
The short case is a “think-on-your-feet” case for which students are given less time to prepare and present their solutions. It is conducted on the 2nd day of the competition following the regular case of the day. Usually a crisis management case, it is a 4-6 page long case that demands the team to come up with a strategy within 1.5 hours at the end of the day.

Live Case
The “Live Case” is the highlight of the week-long competition, whereby a live presentation is given by a senior executive of a major company on a current business challenge they have been faced with. The “Live Case” exemplifies the interaction between the academic and corporate worlds that takes place during the intense week of the competition. The company representative(s) present a current real-life business case to the thirty-six teams simultaneously. All thirty-six teams rely on the presentation, brief question period, and supporting materials provided by the company that serve as background information for their evaluation. Once the three-hour preparation time is complete, the competing teams present their arguments, solutions, and implementation plan for the company in front of a panel of judges which will be followed by a Q&A.

Annual Case Writing Competition:

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