Why Become a Judge

“Year after year I am constantly impressed by the high level of business skills the students bring to the competition. A showcase that should not be missed by professionals either in the academic or business communities.”

– Stephen Sharp; VP, PNC Bank Canada

“The John Molson MBA Competition is an outstanding venue for the brightest MBA teams to challenge their judgement and skills against their peers from around the world. I have been privileged to participate as a judge for over 20 years and have found each experience rewarding and enriching. There is nothing like witnessing future business leaders matching their wits in a case competition superbly structured and managed by students of the John Molson School of Business themselves.”

– Oleg Romar, President & CEO of Supratek Pharma Inc., Judges Guide

2022 Judges Guide

Considering being a judge for our competition? Please download our Judges Guide 2022 . Updated guide will be posted soon, for info contact judges@mbacasecomp.com

We are honored to have new judges joining our competition, seats are limited and all new judge applications are subject to approval by the John Molson MBA International Case Competition Board of Directors and successful completion of an training & orientation session.

In order to qualify as a judge at our esteemed competition, you must possess the following:


  • Significant relevant business or professional experience
  • Senior or middle-level manager with decision-making authority
  • Senior, experienced, consultants and advisors
  • Professionals with management experience

Personal Attributes

  • Solid judgment, open-mindedness, and maturity
  • Responsible and committed – deliver on promises
  • Ability to work in a team and not let ego get in the way
  • An effective listener with strong verbal communication skills
  • Ideally bilingual, with some exposure to culturally diverse environments
  • Ability to grasp and analyze details, including financial data, within a broad unified perspective
  • Ability to evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of presentation styles

For more info contact judges@mbacasecomp.com
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