Past cases

List of 2024 Winning Cases

1st Prize of $10,000 CAD:
ASICS Shoes – Can a Record Past Performance Guarantee Future Success?
By Anil Anirudhan & Sanjib Dutta

2nd Prize of $5,000 CAD:
How AMAG is creating its own future in a disruptive automotive industry
By Michel Stefan, Gerber Daniel, Lind Esther, Munjal Vikas, Rivière David, Stephan Thalmann

3rd Prize of $3,000 CAD:
SIBIUS: Battling cognitive disorders
By Benoit Leleux, Giorgia Riba, Renee Pazdan, Manu K. Mathew, Arvind Hurboseea

$1,000 Prize Winners

1- Valeur Absolue
By Heather Cairns-Lee, Benoit Leloux, Anna Khrustaleva, Connie Anyika, Oksana Matyukha, Ramil Babayev

2- Upstart Holdings Inc.—Disrupting Consumer Finance with Artificial Intelligence for Financial Inclusiveness
By Arpita Agnihotri & Saurabh Bhattacharya

3- Kroger and Albertsons: A Good Match?
By Susan White & Carlos Trejo Pech

List of 2023 Winning Cases

1st Prize of $10,000:
e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. in 2022: Global Supply Chain Decisions
By Michelle Parrish, MBA student and Dr. Armand Gilinsky, Jr., Sonoma State University

2nd Prize of $5,000:
Blueland: Is the Future Green?
By KBS Kumar and Indu Perepu

3rd Prize of $3,000
Celonis: Building a Lean Digital Ecosystem
By Dr. Benoît Leleux, Carlos Cordon & Marc Chauvet

$1,000 Prize Winners

1 – Mamaland Safaris and Lodges: Post-Pandemic Opportunities and Challenges for Adventure Travel in East Africa
By Marilyn Anthony and Shreshthi Meht

2 – Emma Walmsley – Can she cure GlaxoSmithKline?
By Nagendra Kumar M.V. & Indu Perepu

3-Shopify-From Blueocean to Blitzscakling
By Dr. Arpita Agnihotri and Dr. Saurabh Bhattacharya

List of 2022 Winning Cases

1st Prize of $10,000:
Palantir Technologies in 2021: Expanding from the Government to the Commercial Sector
By Ben Valdovinos and Armand Gilinsky, Jr.

2nd Prize of $5,000:
Kinto: Toyota’s New Mobility Services Platform
By Dominique Turpin, Winter Nie and Ivy Buche

3rd Prize of $3,000
Kineer: A Social Marketing Challenge
By Dominique Turpin, Umashankar Venkatesh, Jones Mathew and Sandeep Puri

$1,000 Prize Winners

1 – Instacart’s Evolving Business Model: A Sustainable Growth Strategy?
By Doris Rajakumari John

2 – Aldi Sud- Can the Retailer Decode the Chinese Puzzle?
By KBS Kumar and Indu Perepu

3- Bobsla: E-Motion on Snow?
By Dr. Benoît Leleux

List of 2020 Winning Cases

1st Prize of $10,000:
EcoAlf: Because there is No Planet B
By Thomas Brochier, under the supervision of Dr. Benoît Leleux

2nd Prize of $5,000:
AXA: Claiming the Future of Insurance
By Ivy Buche, under the supervision of Professor Amit Joshi

3rd Prize of $3,000
GameStop: A New Lease on Life, or Game Over?
By Marc Low

$1,000 Prize Winners

1 – OYO Hotels USA: Coming to America
By Elliott N. Weiss and Stephen E. Maiden

2 – Aerofarms’ Vertical Farming: the Future of Farming?
By Arpita Agnihotri and Saurabh Bhattacharya

3- Impaakt: Harnessing Collective Intelligence to Improve ESG Ratings
By Stefan Witschi, René Rozendal, Pietro Valenzano, Pablo Percelsi, under the supervision of Dr. Benoît Leleux

List of 2019 Winning cases

1st Prize: TransferWise: Sustainable Disruptor in the Remittance Services Industry?
by Arpita Agnihotri & Saurabh Bhattacharya

2nd Prize: Beekeeper: From Pivoting Startup to Disrupting Scaleup
by Marc Chauvet, under the supervision of Dr Benoît Leleux

3rd Prize: Disney Enters Streaming Space: Can it Disrupt the Disruptor?
by Syeda Maseeha & Debapratim Purkayastha

“Short Case” Winner: “Port to Plate” Distribution System – Will Pesky Fish’s Supply Chain Model Sustain Growth?
by Indu Perepu & KBS Kumar

$1000 Prize Winners
1 – Harley Davidson: Driving Through or Defending Against Disruption?
by Ezra Gentleman
2 – Turning the Tables on Disruption
by Ivy Buche, under the supervision of Amit Joshi
3 – Singapore Press Holdings LTD: Reinventing Its Media Business in a Time of Digital Disruption?
by Shirley Koh

List of 2018 Winning cases

1st Prize: John Lewis Partnership and Brexit or Not – What Now?
by Frank Shipper and Richard Hoffman

2nd Prize: Walmart’s E-Commerce Acquisition Spree: Toward Online Success or Existential Crisis?
by Syeda Tahera Sadia and Indu Perepu

3rd Prize: PromenAid Handrail: Managing Growth
by Christopher A. Ross

“Short Case” Winner: Charlebois Family Investments Inc.
by Pierre Brunet and Jean Beland

$1000 Prize Winners
1 – Birchbox
by Alok Kavthankar and Indu Perepu
2 – Growing Pains: Mahindra First Choice 2017
by Ivy Buche, Charles Dhanaraj, and Thomas Malnight
3 – TWIN Engineers Private Limited
by Jyoti Kainth and Gautam Kainth

List of 2017 Winning cases

1st Prize: Prabhat Dairy: The Crossover Challenge in the Indian Market
by Ramachandran Subramanian

2nd Prize: Will LinkedIn Learning Disrupt the Education Landscape
by Maxim Kolesnik, Mario Perez, and Dominik Reinhard

3rd Prize: Bradley Tilden’s Dilemma Following the Alaska Airlines Merger
by Debapratim Purkayastha and Syeda Maseeha

“Short Case” Winner: Uber in South Africa: A Bumpy Ride
by Natasha Mwila

$1000 Prize Winners
1 – Sonae SR’s International Expansion
by Alana Baker
2 – Is the Apple Watch Killing the Swiss Watch Industry?
By Chantal Staeuble, Lars Bloechlinger, ans Kristian Uwe Curkovic
3 – The Dollar Shave Club: Can the Unilever Deal Add Sheen?
by Vasudha M

List of 2016 Winning cases

1st Prize: Nestle SA: The Nescafe Plan in China
by Ramasastry Chandrasekhar and Robert Klassen

2nd Prize: The Turnaround Plan of McDonald’s: A Long Way to Go
by Indu Perepu

3rd Prize: Eltherm: Glowing Red-Hot in the Concentrated Solar Power Heat-Tracing Market
by Marc Low and Brigitta Annegarn

“Short Case” Winner: Maggi Noodles in India: The Revival Challenge
by Alok Rama Kavthankar and Indu Perepu

$1000 Prize Winners
1 – Uniqlo: A Supply Chain going Global
by Benjamin Yen
2 – Mahindra Finance: Accelerating Growth
by Charles Dhanaraj, Thomas Malnight and Ivy Buche
3 – Etsy, Inc.
by Ram Subramanian

List of 2015 Winning cases

1st Prize: Marco Polo : The Quest for Global Leadership
by Charles Dhanaraj, Fernanda Ribeiro and Eva Stal

2nd Prize: Brunet Vise Juste
by Harold Boeck, Cédric Degallaix and Catherine Choquette

3rd Prize: Warby Parker
by Vasudha M

$1000 Prize Winners
1 – Xtra Power Energy Systems
by Rik Paul, Jighyasu Gaur and Debapratim Purkayastha
2 – Ricoh Canada
by Prescott C. Ensign and Jonathan Fast
3 – Paris Saint Germain
by Ronald Kamin and Thierry Delécolle

List of 2014 Winning cases

1st Prize: Deloitte: Stormy Seas or Smooth Sailing Ahead
by Marc Low

2nd Prize: Metro: my Canadian eGrocer?
by Karine Menard, Émilie Marinier, Lucas Perrotte, Harold Boeck

3rd Prize: If You Love The Bubbles, Set Them Free:” SodaStream Takes on Coke and Pepsi
by Ram Subramanian

$1000 Prize Winners
1 – GREENoneTEC: Fierce Competition Under the Sun
by Dietmar Sternad
2 – Sony Corporation—Is the Sum Greater Than the Parts?
by Andrew Inkpen
3 – “Henkel’s Journey to Purchasing Excellence – Escape from an adverse sourcing situation”
by Lutz Kaufmann, Sotiris Politis, Gavin Meschnig

List of Winning cases 2013

Case 1: Yahoo! Inc – Marissa Mayers Challenge
by: Ram Subramanian

Case 2: Vikas Spool Private Limited
by: Dr. Jyoti Kainth, Dr. Harsh Verma & Mr. Gautam Kainth

Case 3: Short case: Real Ventures

Case 4: Live case: Novartis Canada

Case 5: Media Markt China Ltd. at a Crossroads
by: Thorsten Knauer, Thomas Liessem, Jessica Nathmann, Friedrich Sommer, Helena Tilke

Semi-Final Case: Hanging The Competition Out To Dry: The Expansion Of The Maid Dry Cleaning And Laundry Service Company
by: Richard Farmer & Marta K. Dowejko

Final Case: Tesco – Losing Ground In The Uk?
by: Ms. Indu Perepu

List of Winning cases 2012

Case 1: Sell or Stay
by: Joan Winn, Anna Pilková & Filip Šínsky

Case 2: Technology Plus: Moving Forward
by: Susan White & Karen Hallows

Case 3: Short case: ABC Bank

Case 4: Live case: CGI Group

Case 5: Tata Teleservices Ltd and NTT DoCoMo: A Strategic Tie Up
by: V.S. Pai

Semi-Final Case: Dr Reddy’s Laboratories: Growing Pains
by: Syeda Maseeha Qumer & Debapratim Purkayastha

Final Case: The [yellow tail] Phenomenon
by: Dr. Raymond Lopez & Dr. Armand Gilinsky

List of Winning cases 2011

Case 1: Hero Honda Motors Ltd- A Long Lasting Joint Venture
by: V.S. Pai

Case 2: Green Light Reshuffle: Phasing out Incandescent Bulbs in France
by: Ronald G. Kamin & Yuting Chang

Case 3: Short case

Case 4: Live case: Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada

Case 5: The Gulf of Mexico Catastrophe: impact on relationships between business and the arts
by: Derrick Chong

Semi-Final Case: Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?
by: Armand Gilinsky, Jr. & S. Nourein Inamdar

Final Case: Under Armour in 2010
by: Ram Subramanian & Pradeep Gopalakrishna